Congratulations Julie at Elmo.

Pilit pinaghihiwalay, kusang nagsasama.

Bakit extended kung panay ngiti lang ang kaya? Maipilit lang.

Gising din minsan. Wag yung paborito.


You’re stranded on a road. You don’t know how to be visible cause you’re battery runs low and there’s no service because of those buckets of rain pouring down. Definitely the most cliche instant on a roll and yet, always cause the mystery on how, when and where can you go from there.

I’m a very opinionated person, if that adjective do exist. I grew up from a democratic country, which I know most of us do, and which also leads to having parents who are quite open to new things and well, that’s another story to tell.

But sometimes I wonder if being stuck would do something. I mean, you have those artists who are very, very talented and yet, their the ones who got the miniscule glimpse on screen. While others who doesn’t possess any single anything, are given a show which goes on and on even if the ratings are so low even a toddler can count how many watch the show.

They say nuisance will get you nowhere but sometimes you have to let it all out so that you can finally hear what you’re lacking.

Are you too complacent with everything that you can’t listen to what the people wants? Hey, just so you know, you are NOTHING if not for the people who watch. You cannot have tons of advertisement if your show do not have a following.

Just because someone came from a well known family, doesn’t mean she/he has the right to stay. Even if she/he can’t act, sing, dance and damn, even host, she/he DO NOT have anything to flaunt except her/his name. Rude, I know, but cmon. Viewers are not stupid to realize that.

You bring them together and yet, you do not have the balls to nurture them together.

I know there are certain things underneath those decisions, but, are you that moronic to even consider splitting them? There’s his mom, her possessive ‘fans’, his ‘girlfriend’, her immaturity, his lack of focus, her childishness and you’re luck of better judgement.

Do they both want to go their separate ways? Maybe. Do they perform well individually? Yes. Are they good with the current tandem? NO. Are they better together? Hell yeah!

Please. Can you just stop the villa and let them be together?

Let her explore everything and don’t hinder her from growing as an artist just because she’s a great perfomer. If I’m right, you want another artist to be on her shoe, like maybe beyy-ahhh or beerrrr-beeeee or jeeee-niiiinnn. And you want beeeeckky white shoes and mr-muscle-who-thinks-the-world-of-himself-who-doesnt-know-how-to-act-until-now to be famous rather than him who got the whoop and dope to be ‘waadddup’.

Don’t create issues just so villa can be heard. You’re on screen for a fucking god-knows-how-long and you don’t even have a following and can’t trend with all those hashtags you create. Damn. Talk about poor everything.

It sucks, but, you’ll continue to suck if you don’t man it up. Grow some balls to ‘experiment’, if that’s what you like to call it, because we all know that the conclusion you got from before even if we see them for a good 2 minutes together blending rhythm, they got tons of followers and trended worldwide for about a whole day.

And if you forgotten, they’re the MOST multi-awarded folks on your block, so don’t be a sucker for it.

Is the network still your home?

We’ve all been on a road full of surprises and we dodge it in the most humane reflexes possible.

So, here I am stuck with asking what the hell and marvel on things that should probably not exist if they didn’t literally adapt the word ‘experiment’.

I’m gonna preach for myself, well, because I can account for myself and not for everyone.

You all and declare something which is mostly not true and you expect that it would be a hit, which for a fact is clearly as the broad daylight that it is not a hit. You give blow by blow punch even if they do not possess a single faux in their body just to please someone.

What do they always say? Oh right, politics, whether good or bad will always be dirty, well simply because politics itself is dirty. And here I am challenge with my belief that even in your own world of entertainment, that politics do exist even if you’re not a government.

Your good in promoting the truth with those daily happenings with the country and yet, you can’t walk the talk with the variety you give to the people.

Frustration can’t even counterfit my emotions when I know for a fact that you have alot of sheep in your flock that can be a wolf and yet you pick the mice among them which until the end can only grow to be a rat even if they came from the homo sapiens family.

Please. Grow some brains and eyes. Brains are used to be well equipt with neurons that are energized with synapses to act upon having a versatile knowledge and can still indulge the pleasure of people. Eyes are there to let you walk your talk and not be lasered by something other than having 20/20 vision.

And lastly, clean your ears filled with wax so that those mice you have will be put into place and let your sheep be wolves.

Please. Your ratings would surely boost if you’ll just stop with the experiments and favorites.


I’m a sucker for happy endings. If its because these past few months are hasty and I’d like to cling on hope that endings are the best. Or if its just me being a dreamer.

I’m stuck at one of my most favorite place, although, it sucks to be here.

I know it’s cliche to do a roundabout of my year and I wanted to be cool, so, yeah, whatever. Here goes nothing.

Born on a year of the snake and 2013 is my year. 13 is a not so lucky number. Even on our television set, I never ever put the volume on 13. Whenever Friday drops on 13, its really scary and puts me on alert.

Ups and downs are part of ones life, but the past year makes me cringe and mutter ‘What the heck?’ maybe a dozen times a week. Crazy as it may sound, my head is off the chart almost every month because I’m crazy.

Last part of the year is a damn emotional rollercoaster and I wonder how come I haven’t checked myself with an Institution. I wonder how come I can carry this shitload of emotions and not just burst? Can a person burst? Well, I honestly don’t know. Maybe you know.

Heck. Nobody knows.

A tenacious attitude. That sums it up. I’ve cried myself to sleep. I’ve doze off a few times. I curl because I protect myself. Mystify who I am. At the end of the day, I’m still a sucker for array.

Endings are still and always will be the best.

My excitement for this day came crumbling this morning.

Please, don’t make us all beg to make him be there. If you want support, give us the right info at the right time.

I’m very frustrated.

Anonymous said: Totoo yung sa gym? ;"> Hehe. Sana magreply ka. Pakiprivate na lang din kung gusto mo. Solid ako. Don't cha worry :) Magpapakilala rin ako pero di pa ngayon. Salamat!


Yung sa gym? Utak adik lang yun e. Pero malay mo naman db? Hahaha!

Sorry, I can’t answer your question privately kasi Anon ka. And hindi naman ako techie on Tumblr. Hehe.

Bakit ayaw mo magpakilala? I don’t bite :)

Walang matatapos

Wala pa nga naiiyak na ko. Pinipigilan kong umiyak kaso mahirap.

Buwis buhay din kasi yung pagiging ‘adik’. Butas bulsa din para suportahan sila. Nakakapuyat kakabasa ng walang hanggang fanfic para lang kiligin ng wagas.

Punong puno na ng mga litrato at video nila yung mga laptop at cellphone niyo. Huwag kayo mag-alala, hindi kayo nag iisa.

Yung mga kaibigan na nakuha ko dahil sa kaadikan ko, isa yun sa pinakaimportante. Kung wala sila, wala akong kasamang sumigaw, kumagat, maglumasay, mangurot, at magwala kung saan saan dahil sa kilig na dulot niyo.

Hindi ako nagrereklamo. Sa totoo lang, nakakatuwa nga kasi ngayon lang naman ako naging ganito. Hindi ko inaakala na magiging ganito ako. Pero lahat yun, ayos na ayos lang kasi nararamdaman ko na binibigyan nila ng importansya yung pagsuporta sa kanila.

Yun ang pinakamasarap na pakiramdam.

Salamat sa tiwala niyo sa amin.

Hindi kami mawawala. Andito lang. Steady lang.

Para sa’yo Elmo.

Para sa’yo Julie.

Para sa inyo.